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High Speed Slide

Hight Speed Slide
    The high - speed slide is the highest, steepest, fastest, and the most squeaky way. The rapid decline, the thorough experience of free fall, let the play of the body of every pore is filled with crazy unforgettable tension and stimulation. After the bottom, the clever design lets the tourists smoothly decelerate in the chute, eventually to the terminal area. Stimulus refers to the five-star, tourists and onlookers were brings a sense of stimulation, crazy screaming brought happiness to the water park and stimulating atmosphere, lead to more visitors like to challenge the limit stimulate rushed to experience, is the focus of the tourists after talking and memories. High speed slide is also the most classic water park is one of the most indispensable water park equipment, also can be used for high-speed changing slope slide combination design, let visitors sped in feel stimulation have different experience.
Product features:
A. The main body of the slide is made of high performance fiberglass composite materials, and is made of handmade craft paste. It has very strong toughness, hardness, safety and durability.
B. The surface of the slide is characterized by high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and features such as smooth, smooth, anti-ultraviolet and anti-fading.
C. Have the most exciting experience, let the tourists play and want to continue to play repeatedly.
D. Joint use, small footprint and cost savings.
E. The reception ability is very strong, which can shorten the queuing time of tourists to the greatest extent, which greatly attracts the popularity.
F. Offers a variety of color options and combinations.

About Us

Guangzhou Wen Wen Toys Co., Ltd. is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and has 10 years of experience in water park equipment sales design. It mainly sells water parks, water park slides, aquatic parks, artificial waves, and water children's playgrounds. Swimming pool equipment. There are professional designers, mature production lines, one-stop service to your satisfaction.
Water or aqua house is a integrated amusement center which has impressed by lot of children. The water house has a complete range of children's play equipments such as slides, tipping buckets and interactive features. We introduced advanced fiberglass manufacturing technique and has divided the water house as small water house, middle water house and big water house three types 
, and divided into children's water houses, adult water houses and mixed water houses according to the age of tourists. .
Water house is one integrated water amusement center, popular for children, as well as adults. The water house has a complete range of children's play equipments such as slides, tipping buckets and dozens of interactive features. Specifically designed to provide children with the tools for imaginative play, our designers are dedicated to designing water rooms with creative, colorful, fun and safe equipment. We can let the water house have a variety of decorative styles such as Hawaiian style and Mayan style. In any case, the water entertainment center will leave you an unforgettable experience and let you experience the cool water world

Wen Wen Services: 

1. We will provide best quality products and enthusiastic service for you.
2. Our factory is a direct manufacturer in China, thus we ensure to offer you with the most competitive price.
3. Provide professional suggestions for equipment selection.
4. Provide design services for your project according to the local land information and requests.
5. Guide your staff to operate the equipment and to manage the water park.
6. Arrange engineers to your site to supervise your workers to install the equipment.
7. One Year Warranty of all products.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Packed with wooden crate, or based on the contract or according to customers' requirement
Delivery Detail: According to the contract