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Fruits and Animals Series FA-6


Use zone:1500*850cm

I. introduction to children's slides:

Children's slides are very suitable for lively occasions such as parks, communities, supermarkets, restaurants, kindergartens, etc. The structure of amusement facilities is safe and durable, its design is clever, color harmony, the clever combination of each part of plastic, can bring safe, joyful and lively feeling to the child. Combining fitness and entertainment, according to the interests of children, elaborate design and manufacture of various styles, is a new, comprehensive and strong children's paradise. The slide facilities usually include the door, bridge, sliding tube, roof, stair, platform, column, ladder, sliding slide, climbing pipe, and rope network; All the slides are connected with the coupler. There is no sharp object protruding on the surface. Each part has several models and many colors to choose from. It can also be designed and produced according to customers' needs. Slide bright colors, not easy to fade, not only high strength, antistatic, wear-resisting, sun resistance, ageing resistance, crack, the structure of the solid and safe, durable, cleverly designed, colour is tie-in harmony, the clever union of plastic parts, bring children safe, joy and lively atmosphere.
Ii. Main features of children's slides:
1. Bright colors, no fading, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, sun-resistant, anti-aging, anti-crack.
Iii. Material of children slide
(1) pillar material (2) platform material (3) steel pipe accessories material (4) plastic accessories material (5) column cover material (6) lock screw accessories material (7) metal parts material.
(8) the contact surface material and Angle iron are handled by the round Angle, and the hardware parts are round head and prevent arbitrary adjustment, so as to maintain the safety of users and facilities.